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Open Letter to Akshay Kumar on his Birthday | The Project Quote

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Dear Akshay,

Time may not stop for anybody but it found an exception in you because even if we’d like to believe that you’ve turned 53 this year, your appearance says otherwise.

This letter though is not about how you get women weak in their knees with your looks but how you’ve won hearts because of your chivalrous nature and unadulterated heart because you’re probably the only one in the industry who possess both the traits.

At 15, I’ve seen you in what people refer to as the best phase of your life. I remember cracking up watching Garam Masala, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Heyy Babyy, and somehow was always convinced that you deserved to walk away with the leading lady. But, of course, while I was growing up, certain revelations were made about your past by the media and certain self-proclaimed Bollywood experts around me Those revelations eventually made me respect you even more for who you are.

Enough has been said about the series of flops you’ve had in your career as if all the actors have always had a gala time in the industry but the society has hardly acknowledged the fact that even after you were delivering flops after flops, the film offers wouldn’t stop pouring in because the makers couldn’t find anyone as committed to his work as you in the entire friggin industry. And it was because you gave them something more valuable than super hit films, you gave them to trust.

The fraternity had one man, they knew, who’d always remain faithful to his profession and everything else that would follow. We are living in a world where people break trust faster than they break glasses, so we mustn’t lose out on human beings who have more to offer than just materialistic needs. Thank you for teaching me that, the most important things in life don’t have a price tag.

After being in the industry for almost 28 years, how in the world do you keep yourself motivated to stay fit?

Of course, it has got a little to do with the profession you’re in.

But, I am sure it’s got so much more to do with the fact that you want your children to adopt a healthy lifestyle and who could be a better example than their father. From your journey, it is also clear that it is about believing in maintaining a healthy body and not giving in to lethargy and laziness. Thank you for teaching me that it’s important to be self-motivated because for as long as you’re looking for it elsewhere, you won’t go very far in life.

While a lot of people talk about bringing about a change, you’re amongst those who believe in making a difference rather than merely talking about it. Thank you for acknowledging the sacrifice of the Armed Forces because not many people understand how it feels to stay away from family and stand at the borders protecting your nation, knowing that this could also be the very end.  

Thank you for letting men know that they must do away with their egos because it would never get them a worthy woman. Thank you for making this world a better place!


An ardent fan and admirer


By Srileka Mitra

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