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Open Letter To Ayushmann Khurrana From A Fan Who Someday Wishes To See You In Real | TheProjectQuote

Dearest Ayushmann Khurrana,

My love for Bollywood started with you. Bollywood was in dire need of a versatile actor like you. Sometimes I wonder how can a person summon so many talents in just one body. A singer, a lyricist, an actor, a poet, a guitarist, and whatnot.

We see that most of the "stars" of Bollywood are nothing but rocks in real life but you! You are a treasure.

You married your high school sweetheart proving that not all love stories end after one gets successful. You kept your promise when you stood like a pillar beside your wife Tahira when she was under treatment for cancer.

You won MTV Roadies and kept your foot in Bollywood by starring in "Vicky Donor". You have given many hit films and you rule both Bollywood and our hearts hand in hand.

A charming smile, a soothing voice, and a kind personality like yours are extremely rare to find in the otherwise cruel world of Bollywood. Having a beautiful family and a successful career is very tough but you make it seem so easy.

A man with no male ego is like an oasis in a desert. Your films always portray important issues. The characters that you play on-screen are so ordinary that a layman can connect to them. I am looking forward to many movies that are yet to be made starring you in them.

From a fan who someday wishes to see you is real and not just in a reel.


By Shambhavi Rai

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