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Open Letter to Suresh Raina

Dear Sureshi,

Sorry for calling you that but as you know you will always be a member of our family. 18 July 2018, this date would still haunt you because that was the last time you played for India in the blue jersey. It's always been a matter of fact but you have given us so many memories to cherish.

It's always said that true friends are always together in their spirit, but you and Mahi took this friendship to newer heights. Mahi always supported you and in reply, you retired on the same day as he did. More power to you.

It took me a day to absorb what Mahi had posted so maybe that's why this letter is a little bit late. But trust me it has all the feelings I would ever engulf. You have always been a charmer of the sport. Someone we always look up to when we want to smile. Someone who laughed so hard despite being neglected. You were truly selfless Sureshi. And that's why I bow down to you.

What I love about you more is your honesty. You and Dhoni are somewhat similar when it comes to cherishing young talent. I know how hard it is to not to be center stage, but you never craved for it. And that's what makes you different.

The first T20 century you scored has my heart literally. The semi-final against Australia in 2011, where no one thought we could pull that match off. You and Yuvi made a partnership that would be remembered for years to come. Those beautifully crafted inside out shots, cover drives will always be my favorite. The day you wore Dhoni's jersey to give him tribute, you took my heart away.

If cricket was a book, you would it's the middle chapter.

If Cricket was a war, you would be its courage.

If cricket was a gentleman's game, you would be its modesty.

And if cricket was poetry, you would be its unorthodox shot.

I hope Rio, Gracia, Priyanka ma'am and you are all fine. Kudos to your brilliant career and CSK is baar jeetega hi! You'll always be remembered.

Indian flag will miss you, as there won't be you holding it on the cricket field.

Thank you for all these memories.

Open Letter by Siddhi Deshpande

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