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Ruskin Bond: An Inspiration From As Long As I Can Remember

Dear Mr. Ruskin Bond,

I discovered your stories when I was in 6th standard, a story titled The Banyan Tree, like a newbie archeologist found something from some really important era and that became their first ever and one great finding. It was in our English textbook as one of the chapters. And I am thankful for not being absent on that school day when we first read that chapter, because it helped me to indulge myself into reading more, and reading what makes my mind and soul feel at peace.

You must have been an inspiration to so many others who started writing novels and short stories. That, was not the case for me to be very honest. You inspired me to start keeping a diary. A notebook full of my history. That, I realise now is something very important for a 15 year old. It is important to remember the first time one experienced butterflies in their stomach or the anger they felt when they heard of the deforestation happening or the concern they had about the depleting Ozone layer because as we grow old, we loose the part that once cared about these things. And it is important to remember these moments because we are what our memories are.

I remember reading in one of your interviews that back in the day you used to take your heartbreaks very seriously and that you would sit with your diary penning down whatever you were feeling. And then I remember you saying in one of your other interviews that you used to fall in love so very often. I so admire your courage. Your courage to accept your heartbreaks rather that dismissing it as childish and to fall in love as often as possible. I wish we all were this courageous. It's a fan moment with a tinge of envy because not many of us today wear our heart on our sleeves. But I try. And I am sure there are others who try to do that too.

You have been an inspiration from as long as I can remember.

Here's to hoping for many more stories of love, heartbreak, nature, diaries; ultimately stories of inspiration.

Until the next time,


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